Wednesday, November 14, 2012

October in the Garden: Cleaned Up and Headed for Fall Sleep

A few quick reviews of what happened in October. 

Near the beginning of the month I picked the last of the peppers.

By the second week some parts of Wisconsin had snow. We didn't, but I knew freezing temps were on the way so I picked all my green tomatoes and tomatillos. 

And a big bunch of basil.

I brought my Meyer lemon tree inside. It had 3 lemons on it. 

But the sudden light change was bad for it and it lost all its leaves. Right now the lemons are off and I'm watering lightly and waiting for it to develop new winter leaves. (I hope, I hope.) Next year I will be much more careful about acclimating this tree...if it survives. The mint and rosemary seem happy to be back inside. 

And the giant piles of leaves (of course). October weather was extremely variable. Sometimes we thought we were getting the early winter we deserve from such a light winter/spring last year. Other times it felt balmy. 

Ah Wisconsin, you changeable vixen.