Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Early June Beauty

Cranesbill geranium. Low, bushy, pretty much indestructible.

Not sure what this is, I think a tall breed of marigold. Its definitely in the aster family, but it doesn't have lots of spiky petals. I haven't planted any annuals so I don't think its a reseeded cosmos. Whatever it is its pretty and its come up by itself for 2 years behind a strong black-eyed susan.

Anenome. They seem to look better in a group. I've been hoping it would reproduce into a bigger clump but it hasn't in the 3 years I've had it. 

Yarrow. Usually says 'sun' on label, but these do well in part shade. They spread like crazy. I have a huge patch after 2 years. I transplanted some to sunnier locations. 

Foam flower. Tiny. Does fine at the base of an oak tree. 

 Sweet Woodruff. Excellent groundcover. Great in shade. It will fight with massively aggressive plants like bishop's weed.  

Columbine. One of my favorites.

Bachelors Buttons. Getting a bit blowsy. 

Coral Bells..delicate and long lasting in the sun.

Tiny little bulbs. Not glory of the snow, snowdrops, or some kind of squill. Some kind of tiny member of the lily family? I got it in a pack of bulbs last year. 

Can't remember what this is...not spurge (although its next to the spurge). Hmm...

Chives is bloom. I got a little grass in there. Hard to tell the difference. 

Strawberries on the way. 

These iris each had 4-5 blooms. 

My new Meyer lemon bush is outside and blooming again!

These are the things that make me happy to look out the window every day. I love that no matter what is going on in your life perennials are happy to live their lives despite your benign neglect.