Thursday, October 20, 2011

Apple Links

It's apple season. I thought a few links would be appropriate. 

How to make apple cider. Pick Your Own has a lot of great tutorials for canning but this goes a step beyond the standard applesauce or strawberry jam. 

How to make apple cider vinegar. A cool skill, but not one we think about that often. Making a vinegar includes changing the fructose to alcohol and then to acetic acid. 

My computer is still gone, but I'm keeping busy. The apple lady called. The apple lady is a woman I met 4 or so years ago through a sign she left on the end of her country road, 'Apples for Sale.' I bought all 5 boxes for $20 and D. gave her his card. Ever since, she calls about this time of year if she has extra apples when she's done processing her trees. 

This year she had 4 enormous boxes, about 133lb. We paid $25. That comes out to 18-20 cents a pound. 

So yeah, I'm busy. If I get my computer back at a time when it's still useful I'll post about my process. I'm drying, making applesauce, and apple butter. If I have energy left after that I may give the links above a look. 

One of the best ways to get fruit is to be generous with what you make. Don't be afraid to see who has a tree in their yard. So many people find these things to be more trouble than they're worth. I asked on Facebook and had a few local offers for free fruit too. People eat a few fresh and don't know what to do with a really productive tree. Or perhaps they just have a lot of life stuff going on and don't have the attention to give it. 

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