Thursday, September 8, 2011

Westward Ho

Craving a bit adventure, we threw caution and tomatoes to the wind last month. 

We ate birthday cake under a spotlit Mt. Rushmore.

Saw oil rigs on a dusty plain. 

Wound our way over some mountains (the Big Horns). 


And under others (the Absaroka).

Communed with the past in many different ways.

And played with nature.

Always a new day experiencing something bigger than us. 

And a few things that reminded us very much of home. 

Sometimes I just had to pinch myself. It was all too amazing.

But we're all glad we're home. Thanks to the family who hosted us on our way. 


donna said...

You and the family had a wonderful road trip, judging by the photos. Education and fun do go together, don't they?


Chloe Greene said...

Great to hear about your family holiday. Sounds like it was a happy time. Thank you.