Thursday, September 29, 2011

Painting Yourself a Pick-Me-Up: Kitchen Cabinets

 I was just really down last week. Down and stuck in the house. 

By Thursday, I'd had enough. I looked at this...

and said 'Enough! blahblahblah...something has to change.'

So I looked at this. And looked through my leftover paint. And found something I could change about my life. 

At about 4pm I started clearing out the cabinets and painting the back-splash of each one. The wallpaper in the kitchen contains blue and yellow. I had yellow, and it seemed like the kind of cheer I needed. You need surprisingly little paint for this project (unless you have a ton of cabinets). They sell trial pints and those work really well. The investment is under $3 as long as you have a brush around the house somewhere.

See how it just pops? Just paint the back...not the sides or shelves.

A little bit of color for my day. And a good reminder that even though I can't change everything in my life there's usually *something* I  can. 


Dean Goodmanson said...


Excellent application of "The Power of Pleasant":

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