Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Golden Raspberries and Stocking Up All the Year Round

Three this time. That means four so far this year (and two truly tiny ones left on the bush). More than I expected. The Japanese beetles were really bad this year and raspberry leaves appear to be their favorite food.Very mild taste for raspberries. I like the color and fall timing though. 

The blackberry also just flowered and is developing one berry at its tip. That could be interesting. 

One of the rules I try to live by is stocking up while things are in-season. Walmart had crates on sale for $2 each. They are great for the storage of perishables (food) and inperishables (books, papers, toys). Other stores also have school and office supplies on clearance so it may be time to evaluate your stock of pens, pencils, legal pads, and rainbow colored Sharpies!

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Tam said...

For those that want to know the variety, I believe it was Anne. It's a fall-bearing raspberry and the taste is really mild (compared to some raspberries).