Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th and the Freedom to Find Your Passion

The other day, on Facebook, someone asked what our favorite art medium was. I said baking...and gardening. I'm glad I have an expression that can be done in limited time with limited supplies. 

In a town in central Wisconsin there is an old retired lawyer wearing a large pair of overalls. He cracks bad jokes but he builds

It's called Jurustic Park, and he's always available to give the tour of rehabilitated helicopter, factory chains, and scrap metal magically changed into characters that will remind you of Jim Henson or The Far Side. 

Enjoy your passion. Enjoy other people's passions. Happy (US) Independence Day. 


Purple to u to said...

Great blog, thanks for posting it

Daphne said...

Oh wow beautiful. Last night I was at a fund raiser for the Artisan's Asylum. It is a bunch of people that like to make things. All sorts of things. And so amazing.