Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Dean's speedy earthtainers. I'll just call them speed-tainers.

Notice the sandwich baskets work as support.

Some kind of board top. He left the edges open for water/dirt crossover. This may mean too much water crosses over. We'll just do some experimenting. 

Additional tubs. 

By the way, I just wanted to reiterate that Dean has not read any of the plans for Ray's original design(s). He took my explanation of what I saw and riffed on that. When he read my last post he was a little amazed at how professional Ray's earthtainers look. Considering that he was working from my verbal explanation I think he did a great job. 

Also, many people have a personal problem growing things in plastic. I just want to add that you can do this with a 5 gallon bucket made of food grade plastic and other similar materials. I am just VERY CHEAP. These three tubs were made for @$4 each. Some people spend up to $50 making an earthtainer. I'm not that invested, just curious. 

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Anna said...

Tam, Those look great. I am going to have to try something like that one of these days. I have a huge back deck (south facing) that would be grand for container gardens. Thanks for the idea. :)