Saturday, May 14, 2011

Two Weeks Ago (Fruit Bushes)

I've been wanting to plant some fruit bushes for some time. Last Fall, we took out the funky bushes by the front door and I dreamed of blueberry and hazelnut, but because its right under some enormous mature oaks I decided that dwarf lilac, currant, and gooseberry might be better (they do better in the shade). 

I bought the bushes at Jungs 3 weeks ago. I choose them in the bare root room. I was looking for buds/small leaves, good thick root structure, and wood stem thickness. This lilac already had leaves. I put the bushes in a bucket of water and left them there (uh-oh!) all week. 

As you've noticed with this blog, its been crazy. So this poor little currant sat in the garage all week. He looks pretty good though. 

And this tiny gooseberry was at the corner of the house (it has thorns) next to the small pine there. 

In the backyard I planted the blueberries (2-Blueray) in a sunny (at least sunny for the backyard) spot next to each other. I checked it this week and its budding. For the blueberries I looked for a good thick root structure since their roots are so near the surface. I have to remember to put a drip hose on these guys. 

To prepare for blueberries I dug a very large hole. Then I put in elemental sulfur. Then I filled with oak leaves, added bone meal, added soil, and then I planted the bush on top of that. We'll see how it turns out. I was not able to change the dirt last fall. 

The blackberry is budding too. For him, and all the other bushes other than the blueberries (which need acidic soil), I dug a large hole, put in bonemeal, added soil to the desired level, and planted. 

The raspberries are the only thing not sprouting or growing. I choose thick canes though. Hopefully they'll catch on soon. 

No hazelnuts. Maybe if this works out and I can find another sunny corner. 


Dean Goodmanson said...

I like how you filled in our missing picture of the digging with a picture of the time-capsule hole the boys dug with the a-little-too-handy implements. :)

Tam said...

You know, I had no idea it was the Time Capsule hole. (Gotta love having boys.)

For those that don't know, one of the boys friends convinced them to dig a hole right in front of the front door.

Later I hear "it's okay to dig holes where there's no grass, right?" DOH