Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another Pea Support

I'm so far behind that I really haven't planted peas yet. I'm about 2 months late on this one but we were still having snow a month ago so I'm not too worried (maybe). 

Instead of my normal structure of dishwasher racks, an old umbrella skeleton, metal shelving, or tripod of random sticks and string I decided to try a different system this year. 

First I bought some stakes at the hardware store this week.

Then I bore some holes, 2" apart on both sides of the imaginary fencing. I'm not sure I'll want to use both sides but I did put the holes in. I might use the second set for fall peas.

Sugar Snap Peas. I decided to leave the standard peas off until Fall. I don't know how hot its going to get in June. I'll put in a fall batch in late August/early September. 

Pea in each of the holes along the top. Then covered. I'll wait to see how the weather goes before using the bottom holes. 

Oh, and my special boring tool, a sturdy stick. 

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Anna said...

Looks good Tam. What type of fencing are you going to use? I use a similar system and have coated metal fencing that we took down from our back yard when we moved in. We also used it around the garden to keep the deer out. It works great. I hope that your peas grow happy.