Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Skittles...or garage sale treasures your kids will turn into fighting arenas

You probably don't know what this thing is. 

It's not a book shelf.

Or a maze for rats. 

It came with wooden tops. 

And bowling pins. 

It's a game called Skittles.

Dean got it at the first garage sale of the season.

I honestly thought he was talking about the candy. 

The first thing the boys did when we got home was say, 'these are the control rooms and these two big spaces are the coliseum. 



donna said...

What a great garage sale find for the kids. I'm going to be looking for an old radio at a garage sale. One that I can cut the cord off of and then let my 9 year old grandson take apart. That should keep him busy for a while. He would also have a ball with your Skittles find and would fit right in with control rooms and the coliseum.


Dean Goodmanson said...

Donna: Awesome! :-)

You may want to be careful with the first part of opening it up as there' s plenty of folks that like to use the radio cases to house modern equipment. (A project he may enjoy also!) Quick search Example:

- Tam's Dean
And for and upcoming Christmas consider a subscription to MAKE Magazine

donna said...

Dean, thanks for the tip about MAKE magazine.