Sunday, March 6, 2011

Time to Gear Up

They came (last month actually).

I ordered from Pinetree Seeds again. Tomatoes, beans, herbs, garden staples.

I'm going to try to fashion a small cold frame (again) this year. This time with pvc pipes, covering cloth, clips, and garden staples. I'm not terribly excited about all this but with the bug problems I had last year I figured it would be worth a shot. 

Have you ordered yet? Got your seeds? Do you go online or local?

I have a few things left, mostly herbs and flowers, to pick up locally. Jung's is local here so I can pick up things I forgot long ago in January when the snow was flying. 


Anna said...

My seeds have been ordered and are in. I don't have them yet, because my sister and I order them together (Splitting a lot of them) and they are at her house. I'll be getting them in two weeks. Yeah. So excited. Spring can't come fast enough and today we are getting more snow. Yuck!

Tam said...

I don't mind the snow. There is so much to do before Spring!