Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Book Challenge: a Book a Week

A lot of people do New Years Resolutions. We don't really do those around here. We brainstorm goals--things we're curious about or passionately involved with--then we see how open we are to developing those things. We try to encourage each other.

It's an old concept with Dean and I but we're trying to bring the boys into it this year. So far they want to play a lot of video games, travel to far off places, learn new languages, and maybe gain a few new skills. Cool.

One of my goals is to increase my reading. Since I do so much school reading it's hard to do this but I'd like to think positively and then try to work around the obstacles.

For the month of January I'm working on:

13 Treasures (YA fairy tale novel)--Done
Mockingjay (YA future dystopia)--Done
The Secret Life of Houdini: the making of a superman (biography)--Done
The Mysterious Benedict Society (YA)
Napolean's Buttons: How 17 molecules changed the world (non-fiction; chemistry)

I think I see a pattern here. Maybe youth novels will help me gain my goal? :) I'm hoping that I can pack a few extra books in this month to make up for busy weeks up ahead.

Doing any reading this month? What's on your to-read shelf? I could use a few suggestions.


Robin McCormack said...

Welcome to the challenge. Always happy to meet another reader or encourage folks to read. Happy Reading!

Alaska Fishing Lodge said...

Hello, I love reading books also... It makes me feel relax.. Specially the books written by dan brown.. :-)

Alaska Fishing Lodge

Johnnie said...

I agree Young adult novels might be the way for you. There are so many that are fabulous. last week I read the new young adult novels by James Patterson. Witch and Wizard Also The Gift. You should try sharon Draper's ya novels. Forged by Fire and Tears of a Tiger are excellent and quick reads.

Johnnie said...

Looking for Alaska is also a great book to try.