Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Up to the Minute

My corona. 

I can't remember what these are. They were bulbs and came with a huge lot of bulbs. The word 'grape' came to mind so I called them my grapes. 

Dean got *more* rhubarb. I'm not sure I like rhubarb. Remember our experiment last year? The one in complete shade died. The other two survived but are having a hard time beating out the fast-growing bishop's weed. *More* rhubarb. And he paid for it. I hope he likes rhubarb. 

The strawberry are crazy with blossoms. This is one of the smaller ones in the back. The ones in the front have dozens of blossoms. Yumyumyumyum. We're definitely eating them this year

The lettuce are so cute. Some are ready to have leaves broken off. They seem slow this year though. I expected bigger by May...in many of the plants actually. Strawberry and peas are very happy. Lettuce and tomatoes (inside) are not.

This may be one of the reasons. It snowed a few weeks ago. Kind of magical. A friend has the loveliest pictures of fiery tulips (orange with red tips) covered picturesquely in snow. 

I've also planted some garlic behind the oregano (crazy as always). A Master Gardener neighbor had his $1 perennial sale (no more hardy cactus). I decided to put a garden in the front where I usually just have wood chips. I'll document what survives. The asparagus finally arrived by mail (it seems so late). I did the big Spring compost transfer to my main garden bed. 

And I know its summer because I sunburned my knees and forearms sitting outside at a friend's house. 
Happy Coming-Summer!


Aimee said...

Hey Tam, I'm not a big fan of rhubarb either. Especially not rhubarb pie! But, I do like it in these muffins: http://northmidwest.blogspot.com/2008/06/rhubarb-recipe.html

Don't know if you saw that post two years ago. You can put in more sugar if you like - or adjust it how you need to. =)

Tam said...

Thanks Aimee. I'll check those out. :)

It's a texture issue with me. They don't break down easily and so I'm not fond of them cooked.