Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gaming Hoopla

Finished my last exam and only have to shine up a paper before I turn it in. Time to take a few moments and do an update.

Dean and I went to 2010 Spring Gaming Hoopla last month. It's a board game event which earns money for Relay for Life. This article from Wired explains it well. A set fee to enter, free games, food and raffle money go to the American Cancer Society. It's a very friendly group and there were hundreds of board games there. We learned quite a few new games and joked around with some strangers. They do this twice a year in Southern Wisconsin. It was a nice Anniversary getaway for us.

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Cinj said...

Sounds like fun! A good cause too. Cancer touches way too many lives, we need to work to find a cure. Happy Anniversary!