Friday, March 12, 2010

A Really Boring List to Help Me Get Motivated

This year I will be sure to plant:

envy soybean
yellow wax (snap)
Kentucky blue (snap)
empress green (bush)

sugar snap peas
loose leaf mix of lettuce
curling cucumber
a bell pepper
yellow straightneck squash
acorn squash

black krim
aunt ruby's german green
yellow heirloom
black cherry
yellow pear


and asparagus...if it comes.

There are a lot of other possibilities to plant (potatoes, hard shell beans, melon, spinach, carrots, and a ton of other tomatoes) but this is my minimum right now.

I'm also expecting a lot of strawberries this year. We picked off so many blossoms last year and they were nice and strong in the fall.


Aimee said...

ooh I forgot, they do say to pick off the strawberry blossoms the first year, don't they? Argh! We don't have any strawberries yet, but we've ordered a bunch. It will be a bummer to not let them produce this year, but if it makes them stronger then I guess it's worth it. =)

Cinj said...

My list is going to be even longer than that. I suppose I should get started on planting those tomatoes and stuff soon. I'm such a procrastinator.

Tam said...


I had such a hard time convincing Dean that we should let them establish last year. Eventually we struck a deal that we would let one develop at a time and all others would be picked off.

That compromise really helped.

And Cinj, this is my bare minimum list. ;)