Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Quick Game Review

Dean and I picked up Ubongo: the Deul over the weekend right before everyone got sick.

It's a puzzle game, something like Tetris, where you roll the dice, use the pieces listed for that number and then race each other to see who can make them fit in the space provided. There are several sheets and 20 combinations per sheet, so it never gets boring (that is--if you're into puzzle games to begin with). It's also great fun solo.

Half of us were sick, laying on my bed. Dean is trying to get L. to eat something and we were sitting around doing the puzzles solo and gloating to each other. So fun to see the boys enjoy that.

My only criticism is that all the pieces do not nest or snap together well. They're cardboard so I didn't expect the world, but I did want them to fit nicely together. Frustrating.

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