Sunday, December 20, 2009

Keto Birthday and Learning on the Fly

A certain Keto boy had a birthday. One of the blogs I read had a discussion of a thin cake (Joconde) made with almond meal and egg, so I tried a sugarless version with alternating layers of ganache and cream cheese frosting. The original version was made at 3.75:1 ratio (3.75x the fat to 1x the protein & carb). He loved it. By the time his birthday came though we were on a 4:1 ratio and I had to tweak on the spot. Not quite as popular.

And the family cake. lol. Don't ever start a new recipe 2 hours before your company comes. Yikes! The cake was wonderful...but too hot! The frosting melted right off it. Eventually I scraped it off and offered people to add their own on the side or some ice cream. The cake was excellent. The frosting was too rich and I still have it in my freezer. I don't make a good buttercream I guess.

A rather disappointing Keto birthday for L. but a smidge better than the vanilla pudding he had last year. At least this year the candles stood up!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I have no words...

E: won't believe what I. did!!!
I: Mom..I'm sorry..I'm not sure but I might have done it on purpose.....but I didn't know you would be sad.
Me: Really? what is it???
Me: to smile next time, ok?
E: laughing
I: I think I was just bored. I didn't really think about it. Sorry mom.

Dh calls this the 'did I fart?' picture. Yes we put it on the wall.