Monday, April 27, 2009

A Few Reasons I've Been Busy...

South Dakota is a beautiful state. I'm so glad a family wedding took us there. Congratulations to Joshua and Jennifer.

Hopefully I'll return soon with posts on sourdough pancakes, tomato seedlings, hardening off, (late) bulb planting, and other things we're doing here.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Little Progress

I've made some progress and learned a few things this week.

Tomatoes planted. Tomatoes still not coming up. Sometimes it's hard to read about everyone else's seeds.

Peppers planted. Peppers still not coming up. Patience, patience.

The new metal sap holders are cutting up my fingers when I change the bags. Say what you will about old milk jugs, they never did that.

I've also learned to never start sap in the afternoon. Last nights batch went to 11:30pm. Between that batch and the one I did this morning we have 13oz of syrup from 3 trees in 3 days. I couldn't get it to strain through a coffee filter but it did strain through a washcloth.

And this guy, he just wants to go for a walk...and another walk...and another walk. If you have any, please send warmer weather.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Blogoversary

Until I sat down to write this post, I did not realize that my one year blog anniversary has passed by. At least I posted that day and I planted 20 tomatoes (8 Power's Heirloom, 2 Clear Pink Early, 2 Opalka, 2 Yellow Pear, 2 Lemon Yellow, 2 Burztyn, 2 Golden Jubilee).

Last year at this time I was comparing my feelings about our late Spring to Stockholm Syndrome. This year I'm fast forgetting the snow and enjoying the tulips poking their green leaves through the old leaves.

And we're out tapping Maple trees. Finally. Our friends have had theirs tapped for 2 weeks. First it was Pycon and sick kids. Then last week we broke our awl off in one of the trees. Today Dean got out the drill and we did our front Maple.

The metal and plastic bags are new. Dean picked them up at the health food store a few weeks ago. Last year we dug a hole, fit the metal tap ($2 at Fleet Farm), and hung a clean milk jug over the tap. It worked just fine.

These slide in and out. I'll let you know how easy (or not) the bags are to clean. As quick and easy as they are they don't give me the literary buzz of Pa Ingall's wood buckets.

Enjoy my posts from last year. I remember how much I enjoyed writing them! Good memories.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Making a Small Start

Finally got myself together last week and started a few seeds. Just some cold weather veggies; from the left Pinetree lettuce mix, Dividend broccoli, and Bright Lights chard.

I don't know what I was thinking about the chard. We didn't eat much of it last year. Being a born Northerner it's hard for me to imagine eating cooked greens. Wet leaves give me the willies, but they're so easy to grow and even pretty (for a vegetable) that I couldn't say no to the lonely half pack in my seed jar.

I started them last Wednesday. Left to take Dean to Pycon and spend some time with my parents. Drove a lot, lost my voice, played cards, ate a lot, and when I came home they all looked like this.

They're stretching for the light a bit. I need to find the extra chain so I can lower it.

Started peppers later and brought them upstairs in the back window above the heating vent. They didn't come up last year. The basement is @58F.

More to come: tomatoes this week.