Monday, July 6, 2009

The Living Dead, the Half Dead, and the Vibrantly Alive

We're the kind of people who pick things out of other people's trash. And we're not ashamed. We were walking the dog last month and someone had thrown out some rhubarb roots. No leaves. No stalks. Just roots. Ever the optimists we brought them home and planted them. They rose from the dead.

Actually we have an experiment going. We planted one among the ajuga--it's alive and has 4 stalks even though we can't see them in that crazy undergrowth. We planted one in normal ground with the perennials--also alive with several stalks. We planted one in the darkest parts under the cedar--still managing to live and grow a few leaves. Crazy.

The houseplants are not quite as happy to be alive. The mint got a nice reboot, the sage is holding on but dropping half its leaves, but the rosemary is staging an active protest and looks like it's in an el Greco painting.

The giant mutant spider from Mars is attacking the beans...but they like it. I swear they are twice as big as this and I only took it last week. It won't be long before they get the upper hand.

I can't keep up with the potatoes. I'm attempting to mound them so high that they have double the root-growing space. I think they're winning this race.

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Aimee said...

My husband loves picking things out of other people's garbage. I guess I do too. =) We've got some great stuff - but not any plants yet. Though we do have a couple neighbors that regularly give away plants they've thinned out.