Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Land's Blooming

Iris. I transplanted this one when I replanted the bed 2-3 years ago. This is the first time it's blooming.

Peas bustin' out all over. I took several shots of the tomatoes (Wayahead, Powers Heirloom, Black Krim, Aunt Ruby's German Green) but none of them made the tiny, unopened blossoms easy to see so I chose not to include them.

Strawberries. We did just plant these this year though so I' m trying to convince Dean that we should cut off the flowers and allow the plants to get better settled. It's a hard argument. He understandably wants strawberries, now! We've come to a comprimise where we'll remove all but one blossom at a time. Hopefully that will give the plants enough energy to put into growth but give Dean and the boys some fun this year.
Dirty me. We were piling leaves on the potatoes and planting some strawberries that got trampled.


Cinj said...

I didn't have the heart to pinch my strawberry blooms back either. We're getting some berries already. Did you plant June bearing or ever bearing? If they bloom past June I've heard you can allow future blooms to create berries without harming the establishmnet of the plant!

Dean Goodmanson said...

They are ever bearing so pushing our luck.