Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Keeping Up

Just trying to keep up lately. I can hardly believe its in the middle of June. Dean and I take the dog for a walk and I often am surprised at what's blooming right now.

Here's some replacement lettuce waiting its turn.

Leftover pots from Spring planting are still sitting outside.

And Dean's worm farm has been making lots of great fertilizer for my bucket tomatoes. They look as strong and healthy as their raised garden brethren.

This is an interesting undertaking and sometimes I wish I was documenting it better. Wetness is a factor; the worms can drown. Sometimes I think we put too much food in. It's a very hit or miss proposition. Maybe I'll yield a post to Dean so he can explain more about it. Hopefully we'll have learned enough to keep them alive through the winter.

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Balisha said...

What a busy gal you are...always so inovative and a true natural gardener. Those bread pictures make me want to bake...maybe I will.Your's look so rustic and earthy.