Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Results of Spring to Summer Sowing

Not long ago (or so it seems) I finally got around to our winter sowing. Dean and I spent a fun Friday evening washing and cutting. On the first day of Spring I managed to get them planted and set out on the porch.

Here are resuts:

Thick cranberry juice containers (the same ones that needed a saw to cut them in half) made very good terrariums. The soil stayed wet and the sunflowers are enormous! I'm a little anxious about planting them out this early but the sunflower in this bottle looks like a man crouching in a dog house.

The next best bottles were water jug sized. The outside was smooth. They were drier than the cranberry containers and so light (perhaps they need to be weighted) that they often fell over but 4 out of the 6 containers have some small seedlings.

And that brings us to the bottom of the jug. Milk jugs that is. These were terrible. Eventually I just dumped 3 of them into the flower garden and recycled the plastic. They're dry, with little seal, and the seeds just don't come up.

This is one of the few that did, a few spinach (or weeds).

The jugs are just too oddly shaped with an indentation on at least one of the sides. The tape couldn't create a seal. Too dry for the seeds.

And that's our experiment for this year. I'm pleased, it went much better than last year. I'll be planting out the herbs (dill, cilantro) today and the giant sunflower.


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