Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Making a Small Start

Finally got myself together last week and started a few seeds. Just some cold weather veggies; from the left Pinetree lettuce mix, Dividend broccoli, and Bright Lights chard.

I don't know what I was thinking about the chard. We didn't eat much of it last year. Being a born Northerner it's hard for me to imagine eating cooked greens. Wet leaves give me the willies, but they're so easy to grow and even pretty (for a vegetable) that I couldn't say no to the lonely half pack in my seed jar.

I started them last Wednesday. Left to take Dean to Pycon and spend some time with my parents. Drove a lot, lost my voice, played cards, ate a lot, and when I came home they all looked like this.

They're stretching for the light a bit. I need to find the extra chain so I can lower it.

Started peppers later and brought them upstairs in the back window above the heating vent. They didn't come up last year. The basement is @58F.

More to come: tomatoes this week.

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lisa said...

I bet a heat mat under the trays would make the peppers come up regardless of air temps...seems to help mine.