Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Little Progress

I've made some progress and learned a few things this week.

Tomatoes planted. Tomatoes still not coming up. Sometimes it's hard to read about everyone else's seeds.

Peppers planted. Peppers still not coming up. Patience, patience.

The new metal sap holders are cutting up my fingers when I change the bags. Say what you will about old milk jugs, they never did that.

I've also learned to never start sap in the afternoon. Last nights batch went to 11:30pm. Between that batch and the one I did this morning we have 13oz of syrup from 3 trees in 3 days. I couldn't get it to strain through a coffee filter but it did strain through a washcloth.

And this guy, he just wants to go for a walk...and another walk...and another walk. If you have any, please send warmer weather.


Balisha said...

Hi Tam,
I read your comment here about it being hard to read about other people's seeds.. Don't dispair...there are lots of people out here in blogworld, who don't have the best of luck growing seeds indoors. I'm a prime seedlings are scrawny, leggy, and reaching for the sun. It does bother me, but at 71 I am learning and next year I will plant the seeds later or maybe not at all :)

Tam said...

'I'm learning.'

That's one of my favorite things to say about myself.

lisa said...

Several of my tomatoes haven't been sprouting like I thought they should...turns out the seeds are 11 years old! D'oh!