Friday, March 20, 2009

Under the Wire

Wednesday I had sick and cranky kids.

You wouldn't think that would NOT facilitate a finished gardening project, but while 4 year old L. slept I decided I'd had enough of responsible behavior and disappeared into the basement.

While I was there I filled the jugs with leftover soil from last year, planted seeds, labeled them, taped them up, and dragged them to the backyard.

Before Dean came home I managed to plant:
*a lettuce mix
*a basil mix
*random flower seeds we picked up on walks last year (2 milk jugs)
*evening primrose
*sunflowers (autumn, jade, ice, basic)
*cilantro (2)
*and some other herb I'm sure I'm forgetting right now

The herbs went into the second group of smaller bottles which I set out on one of the raised garden beds. Lesson learned last year: the small bottles don't need much wind to fall off the railing and burst behind the bachelor buttons.

L. slept the whole time and I felt strangely proud of myself. Mission accomplished.

On to setting up the seed starting station. Happy Spring, everyone, and Happy Birthday Grandma. Spring always makes me think of you.


Sylvana said...

Congratulations! I have yet to actually accomplish winter sowing. I don't think of it until it's time to plant and then I have no containers saved.

Cinj said...

How does it work? How much soil do you put in the cartons? Have you had much success?

I just stomped all of my milk cartons for the trip to the dump, but I may consider that project for next winter.

I'll be starting some spring seeds in the basement in the next day or two.