Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Catching Winter by the Tail

I spoke last time of my list of things to do before ordering new seeds. One of the most work intensive was playing around with winter sowing again. I had a large box of recycled clear(ish) containers in the kitchen and I've been meaning to clean them out and cut them up before the snow melts.

Some of them are harder plastic than the others. These cranberry juice containers are very thick. Dean was nice enough to join me in this project on a Friday night. He manned the hack saw and tossed containers without lids to the dog.

Here I cut a swath around the top, leaving it connected on one side. I want to be able to tape it up once I have the dirt and seeds inside.

Then I took an awl and made a few holes in the top (for oxygen/rain) and several on the bottom (drainage).

Here they are ready to go. I just need to put in dirt, plant seeds, water, tape up, and set outside. I just hope it isn't too late.


Cinj said...

That looks like an interesting experiment. I just cut up some milk jugs and placed them out on a few garden spots. I'm hoping that it helps to unthaw the ground faster. I've been thinking about building a cold frame.

Tam said...

I tried to build one of those last year. I think it's in pieces down by the compost pile right now. lol

This is a great project for December, January, and February..I just didn't have time for it then this year.