Friday, February 13, 2009

Ice Cream the Easy, Keto Way

We used some of our pooled Christmas money to buy this little ice cream maker with an extra freezer bowl. Here I have brought the bowl in from the freezer and have added the dasher and plastic shell.
I remove the chilled ice cream mixture. In this case it's L's Keto ice cream adjusted from the Easy Vanilla recipe in the book. Cream, whole milk, Splenda, and Eggbeaters. Cream the eggs and sweetener first, then add the rest. Its very quick to mix up and I like to stick it in the freezer while I clean up the area and bring in the freezer bowl. That 10 minutes is usually enough to chill the mixture.
Pour it right in the middle hole. The dasher actually remains still while the bowl turns. Interesting.
20 minutes later. The center area is usually the consistency of soft serve. I have left it longer but I don't like trying to chisel it out of the container. I'd rather smooth it into a bowl and freeze. No metal untensils allowed on the bowl so chiseling with a spatula is not my favorite occupation.

And here is all is. I've made mint. I've thrown in some Ande's candies. I haven't gotten too crazy yet. I need to make some 'normal' ice cream or fruit slush for the other boys soon. I make L.'s ice cream twice a week. He gets a whopping 134g. of the stuff. He likes to eat it for lunch every day.

This joins the ranks of 'things I never thought I would buy in 100 years because they're kitchen dust collectors' (along with my KitchenAid stand and hand mixers believe it or not), but we are enjoying it. It's definitely a life saver with L. and its a fun addition to our recent Tuesday board game nights with the boys. Diamant, Sorry Sliders, and mom-made blizzards.

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Sylvana said...

Mmmmm....ICECREAM!!! When I get really stressed out, I eat ice cream. I ate a whole gallon of ice cream in one sitting once. Tin Roof. I was REALLY stressed, but it was also very yummy.