Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Blog pass-along

I read blogs for many reasons. I'm on the computer a lot. I like to connect with people. I like to get new ideas for my own gardening and life endeavors. I like to laugh. It makes me feel like I'm visiting in Massachusetts, England, Florida, Canada, Minnesota (well, I feel like that half the time anyway ;) ), Illinois, Missouri, or Washington. Not in a tourist kind of way, but in a backyard and kitchen kind of way.

This past week I was going over my blog roll and read a very interesting post in Daphne's Dandelions. She's revamping her indoor grow site and purchasing new lights. LED lights. Blue LED lights. And she spends a fascinating post going into the wavelength of blue LED vs. red LED and other junior science stuff. Basically the kind of new stuff I always enjoy picking up from the knowledgable veterans out there.

I'm a bit jealous just cause of how purty they are.

I'm not revamping my set up this year. Other than I'm probably moving the peppers and basil upstairs. They did not do well in our 58 degree (F) basement last spring.

Perhaps this obvious reminder of March and Spring to come is making me a bit more excited about seed catalogs and ordering. Garden thoughts are sporadic at best lately.

Still, in the white outside my window dried oregano pokes and flowers keep their heads above the snow. Spring will come. I think I'll enjoy a few months of fires, blankets, and dreaming.


Daphne said...

They are pretty by themselves at least. When they shine on things everything looks so wrong.

I actually love the Australian blogs about now. I get to see the tomatoes just starting to form. That really reminds me of spring even though the snow will cover the ground here for a couple more months.

Lorraine said...

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