Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Catalogs, Blog Direction, and the Holidays

Listening to Bob Dylan, eating chocolate cake, and trying to decide how to keep up with this blog over the long, cold winter.

What do other Northerner's do with their garden blogs?

Only one thing of note has happened since my last post. I received my first seed catalog! lol I think this is the earliest it's ever come. I've added Seed Savers, Totally Tomatoes, and Jungs since then. I have them sitting around with a marker as I circle fruit trees I'd love to buy (in my suburban yard? ha!) apple, pears, plums and honeyberry.

The snows are here and the fantasies have already started. I thought I had another month or two before it would get this bad.

Other than outrageous garden plans, I'm trying to decide whether I should include more day to day things in this blog. Snow shoveling. Homeschooling. Books read.

And I'm thinking of learning to knit.

What do you think? Merry Christmas to you all or Happy Holiday as the case may be. I do appreciate those of you who have stuck with me through this.


martian77 said...

Why not plant fruit trees in a suburban garden? I've got two apples growing in a 4mx2m slope, another in a half-barrel, and a pear tree in a bigger half-barrel. Get a nice dwarfing rootstock, consider pruning it to be a cordon. It'll never be huge, but you'll get fruit off it!

Daphne said...

Yes there really isn't much to blog about in the winter. Snow, gray skies, plans for next year's garden. My favorite is just to read the Australian gardening blogs to remember what summer was like :>

Balisha said...

Hi Tam,
Your day to day life would be very interesting. Life with kids is one event after another and even if it might seem ordinary to you...to those of us whose kids are grown...it is delightful. Keep going on your blog..You write so well. Happy Holidays

lisa said...

I say post about whatever you like! Or even take a hiatus if you wish...blogging is about fun and whatever moves you, IMO. :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tam said...

Some trees would be lovely, but my problem is sunlight more than space. There are so many trees in my part of Wisconsin that I can barely get enough sunlight for the vegetable garden...let alone another tree. ;)

You may be right though. I could put a barrel on the deck. I get a lot of sun there. Or I could just take an ax to that maple some wiseguy decided to plant right in the middle of the yard.

Australia! That sounds heavenly right now. I think I'll go search out some Down Under blogs when I get back.

Thanks Balisha and Lisa. I appreciate the encouragement! Happy holidays to you all.