Monday, November 3, 2008

Birthdays, Fleeing Candy, and other Updates

I'm having a really hard time keeping up with this blog.

First of all, I tore down all my tomato plants, put the ties and sticks away, and have otherwise been clearing the yard (in process). The only thing I have left in the ground are a few enormous broccoli plants which are starting to bud (I really did plant them back at the beginning of May..who knows why they suddenly enjoy being alive!).

Secondly, I have been under some time constraints lately. My youngest son, who has epilepsy and is on the Ketogenic Diet, has not been eating or drinking so I've been feeding him by hand and squirting liquids in his mouth while we watch YouTube. While I am online I don't really have the hands necessary to blog.

Thirdly, the 2 days which I have been dreading for over a month have come, Halloween and L's birthday. We neatly ditched Halloween by heading off to Appleton where we went to Wild Air (slides, bouncy tents, obstacle courses), ate Mongolian stir fry, and bought books. We all had a blast and candy was neatly averted.

Today is L's birthday and I'm borrowing and ice cream ball to make some frozen custard. Hopefully birthday ice cream will be as good as birthday cake (all the ones I've made have never been quite good enough in his eyes). I'll have to let you know about that.


Balisha said...

Hi Tam,
I have read your blog and feel so badly about your little one. I hope that things get easier for you all. You are in my prayers.

Cinj said...

Oh no! We parents sure can have our hands full at times, can't we? Blogs are supposed to be fun, not tons of work. Hang in there, we all just do the best we can with the resources we're given.

How did the ice cream turn out? I have an ice cream making machine that I bought at the Salvation Army quite a while ago. Time just seems to get away from me though.

I hope things start working out for you.

keto friend said...

I know what you mean about dreading Halloween!! This is my son's 2nd year on the ketogenic diet. He's 7.
Sounds like you did great with getting away from the candy!!
We've let my son do his trick or treating, but he uses the candy as currency and he gets a nice toy when he gives us the treats.