Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ham and Applesauce

We've been doing locally-raised beef for a few years now. Dean has a guy in his office who ran a few cattle before he sold his land. It helped with the taxes.

This year we had to go out and find someone to fill that need. The local Country Store had a few brochures and we read some and we decided to do a big trial order this year; a side of beef, a whole pig, a dozen chickens. We paid down half and waited.

The chickens and pig go first. We picked them up over the weekend. One of the hams was starting to thaw while we were cleaning out the freezer so Dean cut off a few slabs and fried it quick.

I can't tell you how good that was. I'm not a huge ham fan. Most of it is so thick and...moist...and gelatinous. This was crispy, with a salty, creamy inside. Oh, it was good. I'm looking forward to the rest tonight with my special mashed potatoes.

It's also a big apple week. Wonderful homemade applesauce. Or there was wonderful homemade applesauce on Monday. I have to admit that I'm struggling to get through those two boxes right now. I have a terrible cold and every meal preparation makes me feel Typhoid Mary. I'm just not up to canning.

So I'm going to sniffle tonight until Dean takes over, he fries it up better then I do anyway. I'll just wash my hands and pull out the applesauce. My contribution.

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lisa said...

Sounds yummy! I've always wanted to buy locally-raised and bulk like that, but now that it's just me I have no bigger freezer anymore. Amazing how much better the meat is, eh?