Thursday, September 11, 2008

Harvest Disappointment

This is the time of year I've been preparing for since last March.

I was so excited. I could hardly wait to plant out. Hardly watch them grow without thinking and planning for harvesting and processing.

I guess the summer got the best of me. I can hardly believe it's over. I didn't really water (until my first tomatoes developed BER) or feed the plants. Maybe that's something I should look into next year.

Last week I finally decided to pull up all the squash, cucumber, and pumpkins vines I had growing. Some of them were getting quite long and after dozens and dozens of male blossoms I saw a few that looked like they could develop into something. Unfortunately they all had Blight. Pretty bad blight too. I left 2 affected vines which had small fruit on them (hoping I could get something we could eat before they yellowed and died) and 1-2 small vines that weren't affected (but not really growing either).

The bed is a raised one down by the bed of dark, dank plant death (otherwise known as the bean bed this year) so it's watering comes from an arc of water from the hose usually. I must have splashed up some spores or something. I should look into drip hoses.

Between this and the slow tomato ripening I've had some plant depression last week and this week. Gardening seems pointless. This yard seems too dark for good growth on anything. Or maybe it's just me. Or the weather. Man, it would be nice to have someone or something else to blame this on.

Trying hard to counteract this, the broccoli I've had going all summer have finally started growing again (nice cool weather) and the late planting of beans looks hopeful. All in all it's been a growing year. Maybe I'm not making a great harvest of knowledge but I am learning bit by bit.

Next year will be better.


Balisha said...

Everybody has a year like that once in a while. We gardeners always say..."next year I will do this." We are positive people and always look forward to another season.

Anonymous said...

...and this years crop has been better than ALL of the other years COMBINED. -dh

sasa said...
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