Monday, August 18, 2008

Garden Catch-up

We tried a new vegetable early last week, kohlrabi. Here it's sliced with a little salt. Dean really liked it.

I've read it described as similar broccoli stem but Dean thought it was more like a mild radish. I tried it too. It was okay, nothing to seek out.

We bought 3 for $1 at the Farmer's Market.

And we finally have a ripe tomato! Son#3 wins the prize. It was the long and twisty Opalka paste tomato. We had a great time watching it go from green to yellow to orange to (after bringing it inside and leaving for the weekend) bright red today.

Now I need a little french bread to make some bruschetta.

In the other hand is a nice head of broccoli. For some reason all the plants were planted together but now we're finally getting the spring broccoli 1 head at a time every few weeks. I'm surprised no more than one plant bolted. Not very hot this year I guess.

Tomatoes are growing well but talking their sweet time hitting mass production. I think I promised Son#2 that he could sell them by his birthday. We're just not moving that quickly this year. I hope we get a nice supply before frost (Sept. 23 around here). I hope they don't overwhelm me just as the apples come in.

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Balisha said...

How about adding the kohlrabi to a stir fry? I have tried it and it tastes good. Just put some olive oil in a pan and add a package of frozen stir fry veggies (or make up your own variety) Cut the kohlrabi in matchstick pieces and add to the mix. Steam them a bit and keep tossing them to keep from sticking. Add some terriyaki sauce, to taste, and have an original stir fry.(You could also add some chicken or pork. (Just brown the meat and cook it a bit at first and take out of the pan before you do the veggies.) The kids would probably like the different shapes and would pick out their favorites. My kids used to have a pickey pile on their plates...things they didn't like.
Do you have kids that are ready for school? I forgot their ages. If so, where did the summer go? The school bus just went by my window.