Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dilly Beans: Another Episode of What Not to Do

Dean and I are enjoying canning. The comic relief alone is pretty great.

Two weeks ago our friends left us to visit relatives in Georgia. They left us their CSA share. 3 lb of green beans, squash, potatoes, and apples (although I think the apples were just from their refrigerator).

We ate green beans with everything I could think of but with each boy only eating the mandatory 2 beans per meal they weren't moving very fast.

Finally I got the idea of Dilly Beans. Dean had never heard of them but was on board as soon as he heard they were pickled. He is a lover of all things vinegar since the time his mother used it to get him to stop sucking his thumb. Let's just say that it's a complete failure when they come back for more.

So we needed dill (I didn't bother to grow any) and canning lids. Since last week was a hard one on the Ketogenic Diet I didn't really get out so everything sat another week.

Saturday was the day. Dean bought the dill. I picked through the beans and threw out half of them. Probably they would have been fine, but 2 weeks past fresh-picked I start composting everything that bruises funny.

I picked out some pretty jars.
We discussed if there would be enough vinegar.
We discussed whether '1 head' means one little or big head of dill which ended in him calling his mother.
While he was on the phone I put 3 little heads of dill in each pint jar.
While he was on the phone I realized we were out of cayenne pepper so I took out the red pepper and sprinkled it in each jar.
While he was on the phone I thought 1 clove of garlic was too much for each jar because he hates garlic so I split 1 clove into 4 parts.
By the time he got off the phone I was stuffing beans in each jar.
Which of course brought about the whole conversation about whether it was big or little heads of dill (big) and whether he could correct my wrongful seasoning.
Which of course brought about his observation that I put the wrong pepper in because he was holding the cayenne all the time.
So he added cayenne on top of the beans.
Then I tried to add the pickling liquid, slopped it all over, and promptly ran out of liquid half way through the second jar.
While I was mixing up a new batch on the stove he got a cute baby bib from the drawer and we christened the jar Baby Dill.
Finally we got it all done and I realized I didn't have space for the kettle to process them because I was cooking other things to which he responded,

"don't bother, I'll eat them all before the end of the week anyway."

Verdict: Not too bad. Spicy (he liked that). Needs more dill (and a little more garlic).


Barbee' said...

Oh, that is so funny! I love it.

Barbee' said...
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Barbee' said...

Hi Tam, I deleted my last comment because I forgot to put in my link. I sorta made a mess of it. Maybe you can delete the stub.

I just published a new post about the reading levels of blogs, and you are mentioned in it. Thought I should let you know and hope that is ok. I put a link back to your blog, you may get some visitors as a result of it. You can find it HERE

lisa said...

I've made these before, but with hot peppers in the jars-good but VERY hot!