Friday, August 29, 2008

Another Episode of What Not to Do

We were having a little problem with our compost.

Last year Dean took an old garbage can and poked holes all over it. Tore out a few pieces in the bottom and we put it over our railing for winter kitchen scraps.

In the spring I layered leaves over it and we continued in a pattern of scraps and leaves. At the beginning of August we reached the top.

Dean dumped it all out and we had some compost until we reached the bottom foot. Yucky, stinky, rotted food made us both feel like vomiting. Dean dumped it into an old dishwasher crate we have sitting back there (carries leaves beautifully) and covered it with a tarp to hold down the smell.

It didn't help much.

We've had so many problems with local authorities that after a week we decided we couldn't afford to leave it out to dry (Ick!) or to keep it covered, wet, and rank so under the cover of nightfall Dean got out his shovel and started digging up the soybean bed. That dark corner of the yard where nothing was growing right now because it's so dark and insect-infested.

Of course the boys joined right in.

They got it a foot deep and then we sent the boys in to wash up while we dumped the crate of nasty stuff and covered it over with sweet-smelling dirt.

Dean calls it 'the Shallow Grave.'


Anonymous said...

"We've had so many problems with local authorities"

LOL-That sounds really bad, but is how it feels. It's more like an "annual" notice of some part of POTENTIAL mis-compliance with local ordinances, but we're mostly motivated to keep the compost out because we've been brow-beaten by the rear neighbor about LEAF compost 'attracting rats' and have nice new neighbors on that side of the lot that we would like to not muddy the relationship. :-)

Accepting the fact that we live in a bedroom community and keeping our eyes on the farmette of the future.
- Dean

Balisha said...

I'm sorry, but I have to admit that I got a chuckle out of the "shallow grave" The pictures of your guys with their shovels in the dead of night burying the "nasty stuff" was so funny. I guess there's humor in everything. It will probably be a great place to grow something next year. A 400lb. pumpkin?

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