Wednesday, July 16, 2008

There was a Teeny-Tiny Garden

I look at my peppers and basil this year and I can't help but wonder what went wrong.

There's certainly nothing obviously wrong with them. Leaves? Check. Stem? Check. Growing? Check. They seem to be getting bigger and adding leaves.

The problem here is that 'bigger' is relative. My largest plants are still smaller than the size of a plastic knife (see photo...I used the knives as labels so I wouldn't lose these when I was weeding). The basil is even smaller.

All of this has made me idly wonder if we are going to have teeny-tiny peppers or drop sized dollops of pesto in our future and if the old adage about caffeine stunting your growth is true and what the plant world equivalent to Mt. Dew is.

Heat? I'm pretty sure I stunted them at birth with a cold (55 F) basement, but that shouldn't be bothering the second (and third) planting I did in my warm living room window and on my sunny deck. Light? Water? O cruel Nature is there no method in your madness?

Okay, I'm over it. I guess I'll be buying peppers this year at the Farmer's Market. I'm hoping someone will do a bit more than the usual green or red bell peppers. I was looking forward to trying some Poblanos and watching the packet mixed pepper seeds grow.

And if these babies get taller than their markers I may take them inside for the winter to see how they fare in a winter house full of cats and children.

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Barbee' said...

Maybe they need feeding more, more Nitrogen. (?) I can't remember if you are going organic, or if you can use chemicals. Blood meal is pure N. and should be used carefully, fish emulsion stinks, but it is good for plants, too, and any of the houseplant foods, etc. In the photos, I thought I could see a mulch of wood bits, maybe pine bark, if so, until it rots, it will rob the soil of nitrogen so it is good to add some to off-set that. Maybe you already know all this and I am overstepping, but like you, it seems to me they should be larger by now.