Sunday, July 6, 2008

Red, White, & Blue Weekend

A few things we got from the local Pick-your-own farm.
Red, White, AND Blue potatoes. We didn't pick these on our own but the owner did go dig the blue ones out for the boys.
Strawberry goodness.

This year, because of the cold Spring, a lot of the berries look odd. The boys are having a good time with octopus-shaped berries.

Since I'm planning on making some jam I don't mind the weird ones at all. We had a nice time processing them at the table this afternoon. Four bowls: eat immediately (son #3 is in charge of that bowl), make jam, freeze, and eat this week.

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lisa said...

Homemade jam is best for sure! Freezer jam is my fav-no cooking. I have a recipe for blueberry/peach jam that you do cook, but it's worth it!