Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Great Tomato Race.

The first contender: Black Krim, my tallest plant standing at 4.5', bought at Jung's Garden Center. This one seems to have a little damage to the bottom. I was disappointed about that but there are 2-3 other little ones growing so I should just get over it. It's also starting to lobe in an interesting way at the top. I'll get a shot of that when it ripens.Contender #2: a sweet little German Pink, plant 4' tall, was a basement seedling. Interestingly enough, this plant had some of the first blossoms but it's first set of 3 stopped growing after blooming. They're still there on a lower branch.
Contender #3: Aunt Ruby's German Green, another Jung's buy, only 4' tall but the widest plant. I had to use a cage with this one. The tomato has an interesting pattern of lighter bottom with darker green shoulders.
And in the paste category, Contender #4: Power's Yellow Heirloom, basement seedling, 4' tall and lanky. Flowering like crazy. This was the first little tomato I noticed a few weeks ago but it seems to stalling now. I wonder if the color will change soon. The bottom was lighter then the top today.
My other paste tomato and the final contender: Opalka, 4' tall and lanky. This one surprised me. One of my sharp-eyed sons found it just last week. I'm sure it's grown 2" since then and it has passed up the Power's tomato which was larger last week. It has an interesting (and typically paste tomato) lopsided heart look to it. Like a first grader would cut out for his first Mother's Day project.

Well, that's it. Officially (as in not counting the seedlings no one wanted so I finally planted them in the perennial bed two weeks ago out of pity), I have 8 Power's Heirloom plants, 8 Opalka, 8 German Pink, 1 Aunt Ruby's German Green, and 1 Black Krim plant.

We have bets going as to which will ripen first. I think last week all bets were on the Power's yellow. It was the earliest and biggest. Since then the Opalka and Aunt Ruby's German Green have had growth explosions and I'd certainly say they were both larger now. But which will ripen first?

Son#3 says the Opalka.

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lisa said...

Wow, that's a tough one...I'm going with Black Krim.