Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Garden Bloom Day--July

So much more to talk about (it's July, isn't it?) in the garden but it is Garden Bloom Day and I shouldn't make backward cousins out of my Perennials.

I forgot these were here but I need more red in the garden. It cheers me up.
Son#3 chose a 6-pack of Marigolds for my husband. He loves them and the seeds he planted didn't come up this year. These look productive enough. At least this year he didn't plant them in a defunct toilet (a source of much hilarity around here even though I made him keep it in the backyard.)
I thought this coreopsis (along with all the plants my mother gave me) died but it's growing bravely in the shadow of the bachelor's button.
Even though the pup chewed it down to a nub over the winter and spring, it's still going strong. The dog has a weird fascination with eating Quack grass at this time of year. Something I'm gently encouraging.
Purple bells.

I really should get better about names. Maybe it's just too hot today to think.

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