Friday, July 25, 2008

Chasing Basil with a Butterfly Net

We've found something my youngest son really likes on his Ketogenic Diet...Pesto!

Now being a native of Wisconsin small-town life I had never tasted pesto until this year. It was green...and slimy. Why would I want to pay $15-25 for that on one of our few nice restaurant (aka no boy's allowed) trips?

Last Winter we stopped at a restaurant after a neurology appointment and they had a revolving pasta bowl. We tried various sauces and the clear winner was pesto.

So this year I was excited about planting basil. Until the miniature revolution. So I went out to Walmart and got 3 over-sized, under-potted basil plants and put them in the garden.

After our first harvest this week ds#4 fell in love. He doesn't fall in love easily. This is a kid that likes no more than 4 types of food (mostly bread and none of them vegetables). Here he is with his basil net and a collection of basil he picked for his dinner. I won't gross you out with what he dips in it. He's not allowed pasta on the diet and doesn't seem to like it anyway.

Here ds#3 helps with the pounding. I knew there was a good reason to have boys. They love to pass around the mortar and pestle.

Last week it was cinnamon.

The week before that was almonds.

I think I have a green revolution on my hands. Yay for leafy greens!

Our pesto recipe (as adapted from Alice Waters, Mark Bittman, and several online recipes):

2 small cloves of garlic
1/4-1/2 cup of lightly toasted pine nuts (next time I may try walnuts or almonds instead)
pound until smooth

2 solid cups of basil
a squirt of lemon juice
chopped fine then pounded or if short on time throw into the chopper and go (my favorite method)

Mix the two batches then add olive oil (1/2 cup or a little less depending on the consistency you desire) slowly. Salt to taste.


Barbee' said...

Awwww, come on, tell us what he dips it in! Our #6 grandchild dips everything!!! in A-1 steak sauce (yuk!).

Cute post. Would be cute to end it with: 'Tested by boys' just above where it says 'Posted by Tam'.

lisa said...

Kid approved AND good for you!

Tam said...



Barbee' said...

Pepperoni. Isn't that cute! I bet it's good. Kids get the most amusing quirks about food.

When our youngest was about 4, he wanted to make his own sandwiches, or if I made them they HAD to be a certain way, and he would stand there and watch to be sure I did it correctly. (Don't gag!) Two slices of bread (white), one slice of liver-cheese lunch meat, 4 small slices of sweet pickle (cut crosswise, round slices placed near each corner of the lunch meat), and a very small dab of peanut butter right in the middle where there was a gap between the pickle rounds. I think he ate that over and over all one summer!

The 4 of them would get 'stuck' on one kind of salad dressing and wouldn't eat any other for a year or more, then they would all change to another kind and do the same thing.

They would eat store bought canned spinach, but wouldn't touch good home made from scratch mashed and whipped potatoes! I told them they were strange kids.

Barbee' said...

OOps, I just realized that in my first comment, I transposed the words it and in. I meant to say: dips in it. But, I think you understood what I meant.