Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Demanding Children

Some day they'll be bigger than us...and they'll still be hungry.


Sorry if the download time is long. We caught this sparrow (Chipping Sparrow? White-throated Sparrow? Check out this cool bird identification resource. I played with it for 20 minutes during the download) trying to feed what I assume are it's young. Either that or the whopping baby Robins have found a new food source. The two little peepers chased the sparrow all over the front yard, every few feet it would turn around and appear to feed them (either that or make an aggressive poke). Once they sparrow flew off and returned in a minute or two and really did feed both of them. Talk about passive-aggressive.

The whole experience reminded me of a very intense reading of The Burgess Bird Book when I was a kid. The section about how cowbirds lay their eggs in other nests for other birds to raise horrified me. Poor little sparrows, vireos, and warblers trying to feed the giant cowbird chicks to the detriment of their own babies. Sniff.


Balisha said...

What a cute video. I can hear your little ones in the background. I think it is a chipping sparrow. How are you doing with all the weather? Hopefully we will get a reprieve after this weekend. Stay dry.

Tam said...

Thanks for naming the sparrow.

We're dry here. We live further north than the Dells. Lots of flooding all over the central part of the state but we're still clear.

We're praying for all the travelers this weekend. A lot of people were getting stuck since Interstate 90/94/39 were closed.