Monday, June 9, 2008

A gift and a rant about city ordinances

Someone gave me this nifty hinged square. Her husband stacks them and uses them to hold scrap iron.

I immediately thought...what a cool garden bed! It's even mobile. At the end of the season I can fold it up and put it behind the shed.

At this point I'm not sure where to put it (I'm running out of sunny spots in the back). I'd love to find a spot on the front or side lawn but the city has been giving us a lot of flack over the last year. Someone is complaining about our lack of neatness when lining up our garbage cans beside the house, the placement of four (full) recycling bins behind them (instead of in the garage), and the fact our boys leave their bikes in the side yard most days.

If there's anything I don't need to hear while taking care of my littlest and his progressively worsening seizures, this kind of prissy suburban attitude is it.

Last year it was our VW bus/campmobile (basically a bus with bed, closets, sink). It's licensed. It runs. It's not a rusted out hulk on blocks. Apparently, that's not good enough for the city. If you don't drive it every 10 days (don't ask me how they know we don't) it must be removed from public view. We've lived here 8 years and suddenly we need to remove the garage door from its chain, let the air out of the tires, and find some way to fit it in the garage.

So of course there's no room for bikes and garbage cans in there any more. On to this year's complaint fest.

So I guess the front yard is off limits. Thank God for the ornamental cedars around the back. Who knows what I'd have to get rid of next. Probably the compost pile. Maybe the dishwasher rack climbers I made for the beans. I'm sure the whole thing would be cited until there were no more fun toys or funky pots left.


Wicked Gardener said...

Oh my - your city would run me out with pitch forks! I'm fortunate to live in a blessedly zoning free neighbor hood, which one neighbor has a million dollar home and the next has a goat farm. Hey, it makes life interesting and pain-in-the-ass free.

Anonymous said...

"plant tomatoes in your yard -- but make sure he knows to put them in the front yard, where they can be seen."

Anonymous said...

Shoot, forgot the hyperlink.
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