Thursday, May 8, 2008

Win some, lose some

So the little plants are getting a bit of sun and cool evenings. During the day I roll up the front door so they get some breeze and it doesn't get to warm in there. In the evening I zip it up tight because we're still having chilly (38 degree) nights.

Tuesday we had an all-day appointment for my youngest son at the clinic in a nearby town. He's been diagnosed with epilepsy and he was getting an MRI. Oldest son went to friends after school. The middle two went to a friend's house. My husband even found a place for our pup to visit for the day.

Baby plants did not have a sitter. When I went out yesterday half of them were fried. Cilantro and lettuce were the worst. Broccoli and chard did a bit better. So I watered them and left the flap open. I also took cold frames off the lettuce and spinach.

Maybe they'll come back. I'm guessing it got too warm in there (terrarium effect on overload) and dried them out. It can also get dry within the cold frames (especially if it rains at night when I have the frames up) and I have to watch that as well. Dean suggested putting a pot of water in the bottom to keep fluids in and I may try that.

He was apologetic (probably because we'd had such a hard day anyway) but I told him its only plants. No one died (even vegetables). And I have the room to start again downstairs if we loose one of our ICU patients.


kathi said...

I planted 72 seeds(so I could get some seedlings) in one of the tabletop type green houses . Things went pretty well..lots of sprouting..Then one day they all died..what did I do wrong..I am glad you are having some progress
Aunt Kathi

Tam said...

Maybe damping off? I'm trying hard to let mine dry out a bit before watering again but its so hard to tell. Some look dry and some are fine.

I was reading something about adding a bit of chamomile tea to water to kill the mold which can eat through the stems.

Thanks for checking out my blog Kathi!