Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Usually every Spring is a blank canvas. The perennial flower beds have their regular arrivals and departures but the veggies need ordering, juggling, and finessing.

This year I have a volunteer...several in fact. If you recognize this red stem, these serrated leaves please leave me a note because I have no idea what this is.

Last year this bed grew onions (not very well), leaf lettuce, banana peppers, and a few volunteer potatoes that made it through the compost level of my raised bed.

This doesn't look like any of those to me or the local weeds. It looks the closest to my chard seedlings (didn't have any of those last year and I seeded them in the basement this year).

Whatever it is it's growing stronger then anything I've got out there right now, so I think I'll let it. I don't need that bed until cukes, squash, and melon go out in June.

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Barbee' said...

Hi, I found you on Blotanical and came over to read awhile. I can identify with much of what you have written. We had four babies in six years and four days (I don't recommend it.), and I was cited by the city once when a new neighbor reported me. People can be such pains! You and I should be neighbors!

Sorry your little one has such grave health problems. Another blogger has a son with the same problem, if I understand it correctly. And, one of the bloggers does herself. It is so sad.

That hinged square is very interesting. Wish I had a stack of them. And, I had to smile about your dishwasher rack for bean climbing - sounds just like something I would do. We once had a VW bus, but it was not a camper, it was our car for everything, but did sleep in it on some trips after husband built some platforms to put inside - too complicated to explain right now.

Very much enjoyed your post about the lawn mower. I am so glad they are coming back - but better than the oldies.

You have a lot going on. Your labels list looks interesting. Wish I had time to read more. Lily-of-the-valley and Va.Bluebells are two of my favorites, too.

Enjoyed my visit!