Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I'm running out of room..and time.

I live in central Wisconsin. Lots of pine woods and cranberry bogs. Lots of water. Some interesting land formations carved by the retreating glaciers. The Wisconsin Dells. What I don't have much of is direct sunlight.

It's sort of kind of almost there. As the earth moves it moves, never staying in one place. The trees cooling in the summer and sheltering in the winter.

Not the best spot for gardening.

Last year I planted potatoes in the decades old garden bed (located under the ornamental cedars). I think we got as many out of the bed as we put into it. This year I decided to try beans there. They will be more forgiving of the shade, I hope.

The potatoes were left homeless. The new beds will hold heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and melon. Oh well, I thought. I can buy a 10lb bag of Kennebecs and a 5lb bag of white onions from a local grower for $10. Save room for the more expensive items.

Then I stopped at the local Feed & Seed. Just to check it out. They were selling potato seed mix and match by the pound. I bought $1 of seed thinking I could fit it in anywhere. Ha!

Weeks later, the potatoes still in a paper bag by the front door, I had one of those fits of inspiration which seems to only happen when I'm waking up in the morning. I realized I had the perfect southern exposure. Okay, it's paved. Okay, its usually covered with garbage cans, bikes, and recycling but it's definitely got full sun (I have the cracked paint to prove it).

Since then I've managed to buy 6 5-gallon containers for $1 each (and snag one from my husband). Seven little potatoes sitting among the scooters and big wheels.

Eleven more to go. Anyone have any cheap container ideas? I feel like I've orphaned the little things. At this rate I may have to resort to cannibalism just to get them off my desk.

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martian77 said...

Found your blog from the comment you left on In my kitchen garden...

I think (but have never tried) that you can grow potatoes in bags. Old compost bags are recommended, I read somewhere that bin bags aren't strong enough. Try this link for more info: http://topveg.com/2008/03/09/how-to-grow-potatoes-in-a-bag-in-ten-steps/