Friday, May 23, 2008

The Clock is Ticking

Sources vary on the exact day, but the Last Frost Date for my Zone (4b) is approaching quickly. Over the next week we will move from 60% chance of the last frost (2 days ago) to 80% chance (next Wednesday). Most sources recommend the 23rd or the 28th of May for planting. Normally I would be jumping to plant everything today (woohoo!) but with our cold Spring I'm going to take an extra few days to let the earth warm.

All my tomatoes with more than 4 leaves are out in the beautiful weather today (and the terrible mosquitoes). Son #4 helped these get used to torrential downpours by watering them for me with my new water wand.

It may be a bit early for the tomatoes but I bought a tall daisy at the All-city garage sale last weekend. I'm finally planting that today.

Dean bought me a Lemon Pixie lily at the same sale. Here is the tinier one from the container. I planted her larger sister in the front yard.

Do you ever wonder why certain plants grow better than others under the same conditions? These two broccoli were huge when I put them out. Now they are even bigger. The other 10 are tiny. You can see one of the small ones as a little floppy leaf in the front corner of the bed. I had to remove a few leaves from one of the large broccoli. They looked like they had some kind of fungus. Big white spots eroding the leaves.


CJ said...

Alright, now I'm truly jealous of you! How do you manage everything and still have those amazing tomatoes look so good? My plants are all screaming, "Plant me now before I die from lack of care!" You are truly an inspiration to me. Keep your head up!

Tam said...

Thanks, cj. I was thinking someone would arrest me for tomato negligence after I let Luke water them. Some of them are looking a bit anemic anyway so being whacked around really shows.

Hopefully it will all work out in the end. I have more than enough. I should check your gardening blog and see you yours look.

sasa said...
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