Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday's Weekend Recap

This is April (even late April) in Wisconsin. I awoke on Monday to find an inch already on the ground. It snowed all day.

Notice the small cold frames I'd finished over the weekend, all covered with snow.

These are the same cold frames completed on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I hammered 4 boards together in a box and stapled vinyl (the kind you find in Walmart's fabric department on a large roll) over one side. I also planted out my spinach (already throwing off pollen), lettuce, white mustard, and a few broccoli plants.

These are my slaves of all wor...ahem..children. Actually, I'm not sure you can have a hammer and nails and not attract small boys. The little one has quite a strong arm, something anyone who holds a nail for him should know ahead of time.


Kathi said...

You are braver than me taking a picture of the snow. I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Love seeing the pics of the boys - they are cuties!

Tam said...

Thanks Kathi!

I get inspiration reading about
Andy on your blog. I'm hoping I can make the boys as much a part of our garden and my blog.