Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tomato Census

Thus far~

Opalka tomato plants (red, paste variety): 16 plants

Powers Heirloom tomato plants (yellow, paste variety): 12 plants

German Pink tomato plants (large, light red/pink globe): 16 plants

Total: 44 tomato plants

Plus I seeded 8 more Opalkas (for sauce) just in case.

Which begs the question, how many tomatoes does one family of 6 need to supply a year's worth of tomato eating? And how much space does that take?

I've seen answers from 12 to 100 plants. Each has their own reasons. I think I've settled on somewhere between 20-40 plants, depending on how many will fit.

The rest will be given away.

So what do you think? How many tomatoes do you plant? How many do you think you need? How many is too many?

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lisa said...

My mom always planted about 10-15 plants for a family of 4, and from those she'd put up about 40 quarts of tomatoes. (Whole). Sometimes she'd make juice or sauce too. When you get sick of canning, you can just rinse them, remove the stems, and toss them in a freezer bag whole. Later when they thaw, the skins just fall off...like automatic blanching! (They can take up a fair amount of room in the freezr, though.) After all that if you still have too many, there's always giving them to neighbors, soup kitchens, or using them for throwing ;-) (Kids like that last one!)