Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring's sprung unwound

I took a walk around the yard today. It's April 1st and we still have snow. Worse, I have complete acceptance of the snow. I no longer shake my fist at it or moan at the weather forecast. The snow has created a sort of Stockholm syndrome. I don't talk about Spring. I make a semi-conscious effort not to even think about Spring.

Today is April 1st though and I'm tired of being inside, so I went for a non-sidewalk walk. I toured the backyard.

After putting my life at risk on the icy steps I noticed that a large portion of my yard, the part protected by trees but enjoying direct sun, had melted. Several red shoots were pushing their way up through the oak leaves. Further along thick green leaves were boldly announcing that lily-of-the-valley (or perhaps iris) were unafraid of last night's snow.

Old Man Winter, you have an all out plant rebellion on your hands.

To celebrate, I picked up dog poop.


lisa said...

LOL!! I feel that syndrome myself, just a quiet defeatist mood...little storms of rebellion here and there, but mostly submission to the cruel whims of mother (f-ing) nature. ;-) Ah well, what to do, eh? At least there are a couple signs of life.

Nanamom said...

You really know how to celebrate!